How We Can Help


Private cremation allows you and your family to attend the cremation at a prearranged appointment time. Your pet is cremated entirely alone and you Pet’s ashes returned to you, along with a Certificate of Individual Cremation.


Your pet is cremated entirely on its own and you will be provided with a Certificate of Individual Cremation and your Pet’s ashes will be returned.


Your pet will be cremated alongside other pets and the ashes will not be returned.

At Forget Me Not

At Forget Me Not, we promise to care for your treasured pet as much as you have done. We provide a complete range of service choices for you and your pet and all are personally handled by Sue, so you can be assured that whatever choice you make, your treasured pet will receive the best of care at all times.

We are Dedicated

At a time convenient to you, we can collect your pet from either your home or veterinary practice, we have a dedicated vehicle for pet collection and a bed for your pet, your pet will not be put in a plastic bag. You may decide that you wish to bring your pet to us yourself. We are always happy to welcome pet owners to our home. We have a peaceful ‘farewell room’ where you and your family can spend time saying goodbye before you entrust your pet into our care.

We Assist You

We can also assist if you decide to have your Pet put to sleep at home. We can arrange to call after the Vet has visited and take care of everything for you. Our service is 24 hours and you will always be able to speak to Sue  in person to talk through any questions or worries.

Your Choice

We offer the choice of a Private; Individual or Communal Cremation. With both Private and Individual Cremations your pet’s ashes are returned to you. You may choose to have your pet’s ashes returned in either a bio-degradable scatter tube, wooden casket with engraved name plate or urn. We also have a selection of memorial pieces, some that can contain ashes and photographs, others that can be placed in the garden as a lasting tribute.

Collection and Return of Ashes is complimentary within a 10 mile radius.